Elemental Truth and Facts

Elemental Truth and Facts

Judeo/Christian Metaphysics of the Four Corners

+ The Four Ruling Archangels: Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael

+ The Four Material Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire

+ The Four Cardinal Directions: North, West, East, South

+ The Four Natural Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red

+ The Four Basic Characteristics: Cold & Dry, Cold & Wet, Hot & Wet, Hot & Dry

+ The Four Physical Orientations: Left, Behind, Front, Right

+ The Four Day Times: Night, Dusk, Dawn, Noon

+ The Four Moon Phases: New Moon, Waning Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon

+ The Four Earth Seasons: Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer

+ The Four Lifetime Periods: Old Age, Maturity, Birth, Youth

The Multiple Responsibilities of the Patron Angels Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael

Not only are the Four Archangels Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael in charge of the Cardinal Directions and Four Elements, they also have part-time responsibilities in certain unique areas. In short, they are not just Archangels, but Patron Angels as well. These are listed below:

PATRON ANGELS- Those special angels who have a particular devotion to or authority over certain people, places, or professions are called patron angels:

Chaos- (Michael or Satan)
Compassion- (Raphael)
Fire- (Nathaniel or Gabriel)FOURANGELSFLYINGOVEREARTHanglwrld.jpg
Insomnia- (Michael)
Knowledge- (Raphael)
Light- (Issac, Gabriel, and Satan)
Love- (Raphael, Theliel)
Music- (Israfel or Uriel)
Poetry- (Uriel or Israfel)
Progress- (Raphael)
Repentance- (Michael, Uriel, or Raphael)
Revelation- (Gabriel)
Righteousness- (Michael)
Snow- (Salgiel or Michael)
Thunder- (Uriel or Ra’amiel)
Truth- (Amitiel, Michael, or Gabriel)
War- (Michael or Gabriel)

Angels from N to R, Kraka.net