Elemental Quotables – Dr. John Dee’s Elemental Coagulation and Magick

Four Elements Coagulation and Magick

Dr. John Dee from the 16th century may be a Lunatic you see?

Sympathy for the Seven (-Part Star of David)

Sympathy for the Seven (-Part Star of David)

The man who peers into his own nature,the twin powers of creativity – the synthesis of all Elements. The upper triangle represents the heavenly nature, while the lower triangle – the earthly nature. The combination of the two triangles represents the universal human who acts as a middleman or conductor between the two worlds.

– About the Star of David, Yaly Judaica.com

Elemental Quotables – John Dee talks in Circles about the Supernatural

It will not be absurd to represent the mystery of the Four Elements, in which it is possible to resolve each one into elementary form, by four straight lines running in four contrary directions from one common and indivisible point.

– MONAS HIEROGLYPHICA (‘THE HIEROGLYPHIC MONAD‘), by John Dee (1564 AD), Esotericarchives.com

LINK: Monas Hieroglyphica, by Dr. John Dee

Elemental Archangels of the Four Corners

Elemental Archangels of the Four Corners

Do you have knowledge that the four archangels represent a specific cardinal point: Michael the South, Gabriel the West, Uriel the North, and Raphael the East? –

– One Archangel Two Archangels, by William D. Webber, Inspiration, Beliefnet.com



Uriel, Cardinal Angel of the Northern Corner, Elemental Angel of Earth
Gabriel, Cardinal Angel of the Western Corner, Elemental Angel of Water
Raphael. Cardinal Angel of the Eastern Corner, Elemental Angel of Air
Michael: Cardinal Angel of the Southern Corner, Elemental Angel of Fire

Archangels of the Four Elements- Fire: Michael, Water: Gabriel, Earth: Uriel, and Air: Raphael.

– Miscellaneous Information, Magical Cornicopia Archangels-and-Angels.com

Element of Water’s Physical, Material, Chronological, Celestial, Mythical, and Spiritual Characteristics

A Complete List of the Element of Water’s Physical, Material, Chronological, Celestial, Mythical, and Spiritual Characteristics

The Physical
Archangel: Gabriel
Direction: West
Position: Rear

The Material
Quality: Cold, Wet
Color: Blue
Symbol: Inverted Triangle


The Chronological
Time: Dusk
Season: Fall
Lifetime: Adult

The Celestial
Moon: Waning Moon
Planet: Moon, Venus
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


The Mythical
Ikon: Circle w/ Line
Talisman: Cup
Elemental: Mermaids

The Spiritual
Name of God: H (Heh)
Old Testament: Daniel
New Testament: John
Angelic Creature: Eagle


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