Reading, Writing, and a little Elemental Arithmetic

Basic Mathematics of the Four Elements

Elemental Quotables – Dr. John Dee’s Elemental Coagulation and Magick

Four Elements Coagulation and Magick

Dr. John Dee from the 16th century may be a Lunatic you see?

The Multiple Responsibilities of the Patron Angels Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael

Not only are the Four Archangels Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael in charge of the Cardinal Directions and Four Elements, they also have part-time responsibilities in certain unique areas. In short, they are not just Archangels, but Patron Angels as well. These are listed below:

PATRON ANGELS- Those special angels who have a particular devotion to or authority over certain people, places, or professions are called patron angels:

Chaos- (Michael or Satan)
Compassion- (Raphael)
Fire- (Nathaniel or Gabriel)FOURANGELSFLYINGOVEREARTHanglwrld.jpg
Insomnia- (Michael)
Knowledge- (Raphael)
Light- (Issac, Gabriel, and Satan)
Love- (Raphael, Theliel)
Music- (Israfel or Uriel)
Poetry- (Uriel or Israfel)
Progress- (Raphael)
Repentance- (Michael, Uriel, or Raphael)
Revelation- (Gabriel)
Righteousness- (Michael)
Snow- (Salgiel or Michael)
Thunder- (Uriel or Ra’amiel)
Truth- (Amitiel, Michael, or Gabriel)
War- (Michael or Gabriel)

Angels from N to R,

Four (out of Seven) Days a Week for the Archangels of the Elements and Directions

ARCHANGELS of the Days


NAME: Michael
MEANING: ‘Like unto God’
REFERENCE: Daniel 10:13,12:1; Jude 1:9 and Revelation 12,8.
DAY: Sunday


NAME: Gabriel
MEANING: ‘Man of God’
REFERENCE: Daniel 8:16,9:21, and Luke 1:19-26
DAY: Monday


NAME: Raphael
MEANING: ‘Help of God’
REFERENCE: Tobit 3:17, 12:15
DAY: Tuesday


NAME: Uriel
MEANING: ‘Fire of God’
REFERENCE: 2 Ezdras 4:36, 4:1
DAY: Wednesday


Within the contemporary Catholic Church, the seven archangels correspond with the days of the week, and each archangel has been canonized as a saint. As the list goes, Saint Michael represents Sunday, Saint Gabriel represents Monday, Saint Raphael represents Tuesday, Saint Uriel represents Wednesday…

– The Seven Archangels, The Apologist, by Aaron Olson,

A few archangels are given specific names.
Michael (Means like God) found in Dan 10:13,12:1; Jude 1:9 and Rev 12,8.
Gabriel (Man of God), found in Dan 8:16,9:21, and Lk 1:19-26.
Raphael (The Help of God), Tobit 3:17, 12:15
Uriel (Fire of God) found in 2 Ezdras 4:36, 4:1

– Angels, (

Sympathy for the Seven (-Part Star of David)

Sympathy for the Seven (-Part Star of David)

The man who peers into his own nature,the twin powers of creativity – the synthesis of all Elements. The upper triangle represents the heavenly nature, while the lower triangle – the earthly nature. The combination of the two triangles represents the universal human who acts as a middleman or conductor between the two worlds.

– About the Star of David, Yaly

Directions and Archangels of the Four Elements according to Kabala

In the Book of the Zohar, the Four basic Elements are mentioned in the context of the creation of Adam – the first human, referring to the parallels between these Elements and the Four Corners of the Earth, the Four ministering Angels (Raphael, Uriel, Michael and Gabriel) and more.

The Four Elements in Kabbalah,

Judeo/Christian Archangels of the Four Elements
Judeo/Christian Archangels of the Four Elements


Element of Fire’s Physical, Material, Chronological, Celestial, Mythical, and Spiritual Characteristics


A Complete List of the Element of Fire’s Physical, Material, Chronological, Celestial, Mythical, and Spiritual Characteristics

The Physical
Archangel: Michael
Direction: South
Position: Right

The Material
Quality: Hot, Dry
Color: Red
Symbol: Upright Triangle


The Chronological
Time: Noon
Season: Summer
Lifetime: Youth

The Celestial
Moon: Full Moon
Planet: Sun, Mars
Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


The Mythical
Ikon: Circle
Talisman: Sword
Elemental: Dragons

The Spiritual
Name of God: Y (Yod)
Old Testament: Isaiah
New Testament: Mark
Angelic Creature: Lion