The Four Cardinal Archangels and Directions in Judaism

The Holy One created Four Cardinal Directions in the world- East, West, North, and South. East, from where the light shines forth into the world…As the Holy One, blessed be He, created the Four Cardinal directions and four standards corresponding to them, so also did He set about His throne Four Angels- Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.

Midrash Rabbah, Numbers 2:7-10

2 thoughts on “The Four Cardinal Archangels and Directions in Judaism

    • Hey bud, in the future I think you might meet with success in finding online references and sources simply cutting and pasting the relevant text which has already been written down! you place it in the search box and even if it is a couple sentences, or paragraphs long,, the major search engines will still try their best to match it up with any and all online texts.

      Just to give you an example about how easy it is to do this, I have opened another window in WordPress to look at the original post. I have now copied it and am going to paste it with Bing. Here goes…

      Okay it took me more than 10 minutes but I came up with the following online reference/source for my quote. Here’s the LINK–> SOURCE FOR QUOTE IN The Four Elements


      By the way,, that was not my original source, a site called JHOM was. Here’s the link–> Archangels in the Talmud. Anything else sir? How dare you question my sources…just kidding. 🙂


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